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Getting started with your research

I shared research tips with some groups...

And then ran out of time for all of you wonderful Tuesday people. 😔

So, here's some suggestions for using UB Libraries to get started with your research. Plus annotated pictures. If you click on the pictures, they should pop out into a lightbox that makes it easier to view and zoom in on the images/text.

Also! This is a pretty quick and dirty tutorial with basic images and text. If anything is unreadable or unhelpful, drop me a message, tweet, comment, or email. I'll gladly improve what I have time and talent to fix. 😊

1. Don't be overwhelmed by a massive number of results. Start exploring Advanced Search and other filter options.

Image showing location of Advanced search and other filter options in a browser window. The search is in the UB Libraries database.

2. Take a closer look at Advanced Search

A closer look at the dropdown options available in Advanced Search.

3. Dive deeper into the Subject Terms and Disciplines

Image highlighting the Subject Terms, Discipline, and Language filters available in a search of the UB Libraries Database.

4. Include or exclude content types, subject terms, disciplines, and languages by clicking the check marks and x's.

Screenshot displaying how to include some types of content by clicking the check marks + how to exclude some content types by clicking the 'x's'.

5. Browse through a more manageable number of results! Anything between 500-1000 is a good start for a group to skim.

Screenshot displaying smaller number of results for UB Libraries database search. Limited result is due to filters applied to the search.

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