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Final Checklist for the Blog Post

When Submitting Your Post, Ask Yourself:

✅ Have I re-read the Blog Post Rubric? Are all elements present? 

✅ Is my post completely free of plagiarism?

  • Everything is paraphrased, cited, or quoted - including images
  • A reference list of your SOURCES (not images) is listed, in alphabetical order, at the bottom of the post

✅ Does the font of the blog post match the default font of Hello World Civ? (You can test it against this announcement...)

✅ Have I included the correct category ("Blog Posts")?

✅ Have I included tags for the post? (At least the civilization you're writing about...)

✅ Does the post have an excerpt?

✅ Have I shared a Google Doc with Prof. Bennett OR notified her that my group edited in the original draft document?

✅ Is my post either published or scheduled to be published? (I will assume that anything labeled "Draft" is not ready to be read...)


Heather Bennett

Professor, feminist, sci-fi geek. Historian interested in pedagogy, technology, gender/sexuality, archives, pop culture, medicine, intellectual history, world history.