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Feedback for DQs

So. Some general feedback on the DQs. Have a look at the best practices thus far and what could be better. Then, take a little time to decide what your goal will be for the next round of questions. If you have questions, please add them in the comments below. Usually someone else has the same question...

Best practices so far:

  1. Lots of 'I' statements (e.g., I thought that... I feel that... I agree that...)
  2. Attention to comparisons between texts.
  3. Pointing out places in the source that don't make sense to you.
  4. Adding nuance to each other's questions/comments. (I saw a few of you express respectful challenges to broad statements or statements you didn't agree with.)
  5. Reading texts as literature. (This includes pointing out symbolism/imagery, character development, plot tropes. Good call if the genre fits.)
  6. Using your emotional response as an indicator to pay attention to a portion of the story. (e.g., I felt this was strange...) Noting the places you find something odd or sad or infuriating or uncomfortable in a text is a great place to start your inquiry.

Suggestions for improvement:

  1. Be critical - but not in the sense of "find something negative about everything." More like "read between the lines."
  2. Take societies on their own terms. The point is to understand a text/society first and relate it to your own life second.
  3. Keep focus on the text when possible. Try to avoid personal stories that are only tangentially related to the text.
  4. Try not to take things too literally. (Sometimes numbers like 18,000, for instance, just mean a really long time...)
  5. Try to avoid overthinking imagery and symbolism. Not everything is symbolic.
  6. Take note of genre. (Are you reading an epic, hero story? A myth or folktale? A religious text? A travelogue? A law code?) That should help with distinguishing figurative and literal language too.
  7. Be concise when possible. You don't have to say everything; just say enough.