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Exam 2: Study Resources


Exam 2 will contain content from Class 15 (Silk Road) to Class 23 (Southeast Asia).

Study Guide

The following is the link to the study guide if you'd like to make a copy for yourself: Exam 2 Study Guide

Sample Essays

The following are essays that had a solid combination of quotes/examples, context, and comparisons. Each is a little different - which is to show that there's more than one way to strike the right balance and earn full points. 

I've enabled commenting on all of the texts, so feel free to add replies or additional comments if you're unsure about why something is good about the essay. :)

Sample Essay: Desire

Sample Essay: Female Roles/Femininity

Sample Essay: Humans & Deities (1)

Sample Essay: Humans & Deities (2)

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