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Discussion Responses: Clarifications

How many responses?

You do not need to write a discussion response for every class. You need to write ONE about a single class that occurs between Class 4 and Class 13. You need to write ONE about a single class that occurs between Class 14 and Class 25. That's TWO total.

What are you looking for?

When I grade these responses, I will look for three things:

  1. Did you learn something from the people around you during discussion?
  2. Can you show me what you know about the text we talked about?
  3. Have you continued to think about and process the text and discussion in some meaningful way?

Submitting your response

You have the option to submit your response publicly or privately.

To post your discussion response publicly on Hello World Civ, sign in and navigate to Pages. Choose the dropdown arrow for "Blogs." Click on "Discussion Response." Click the '+' sign on the page to add a new post. 

To submit privately, see assessment instructions for sharing via Google Drive. 

Deadlines are 9 to 11 days after discussion and are on the Calendars.

Grading Details 

After you submit your response, you will receive feedback and a grade from me. If you would like to make an effort to improve your response, you may revise and resubmit an updated version for full credit.

You may do this once for the responses. (As opposed to as often as you like for the blog posts.) The reason for the limitation is partly for your sake and partly for mine. Closure about assignments is a good thing. Sometimes we just have to leave things as they are and move on to other projects.

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