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Commenting on the Blog

Start a Conversation

As part of the blogging project, you'll add at least three comments per round (Post 1, Post 2, Post 3) to your peers' posts over the course of the semester.

Final deadline for comments is November 16. This will give everyone enough lead time to make final adjustments to their post. 

To comment (and receive credit for your comments), simply log in to Hello World Civ and navigate to the post you'd like to discuss.

Specific guidelines for comments will be established during Class 2 when we workshop the syllabus. The general rule for comments, though, will be the same as our guiding question for Twitter:

Does this comment make the blog a better place?

Heather Bennett

Professor, feminist, sci-fi geek. Historian interested in pedagogy, technology, gender/sexuality, archives, pop culture, medicine, intellectual history, world history.