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Busy Week...

This is a busy week for pretty much all of us. Many of you have midterms coming up plus blog posts and discussion responses to complete (plus usual life stuff).

I'm in the same boat with an article deadline (I'm writing an encyclopedia article on Hatshepsut, hence the image) and another dissertation deadline on Friday. So, two things:

  1. Grading is on hold for the moment. Your DRs and Blog Posts will be my first priority over the weekend (Oct 15/16), but I need to ask for your patience until then.
  2. If you need to put something in UGC111 on hold this week, remember that extensions are always a possibility if you give me enough of a heads up. (Preferably in writing via email or DM). I trust ya'll not to take advantage of that policy. :)

I'm still available for questions as always and you'll have my full attention in class and consultation hours, of course.  


Heather Bennett

Professor, feminist, sci-fi geek. Historian interested in pedagogy, technology, gender/sexuality, archives, pop culture, medicine, intellectual history, world history.