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Checklist: Details for Blog Posts

Before you publish your blog post, double check to make sure the following elements are present. These are the gritty details you might forget as you focus on content:

  • Layout is neat and consistent for both desktop and mobile devices1
  • Font matches HWC?
  • Material from other sources is entirely in your own words2
  • Material from other sources is quoted where it is not in your own words
  • Relevant phrases/words hyperlinked to sources
  • Images hyperlinked to original source
  • Image captions give credit to original source (Author, Image Title, License Info)
  • Spelling and grammar check
  • Blog categories added ("Blog Posts")
  • Tags added (at least the name of the civilization)

  1. Highly recommend using device view to check appearance across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

  2. That is, everything is paraphrased. If you're unsure what successful paraphrasing looks like, or could just use a refresher, the Purdue OWL guide to paraphrasing is a good, no-nonsense place to start.

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