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An Easier Way to Copy and Paste?

 Chris Christian, "Paste Copy Paste Copy," July 2011. CC BY-SA 2.0.  Via Flickr.

Chris Christian, "Paste Copy Paste Copy," July 2011. CC BY-SA 2.0. Via Flickr.

I know some of you have been frustrated with the difficulty of copying from a Google Doc and pasting your material on Squarespace. The platform is rather literal - if your font was size 11 in the Google Doc, it's going to show up as size 11 on Squarespace. That results in formatting that is out of sync with the rest of the blog. 

So far, the only option has been to either paste as plain text (via the clipboard in the tool bar on HWC) or to copy and match style (on Mac: Shift+Option+Cmd+V). Both methods strip the formatting and match it to HWC's. But that means you also lose your links and any italicized or bold text and have to re-do your formatting on the site. That can be a lot of extra work...

I still think those options are the best way to ensure consistent fonts across the site, but there is another solution!

If you set your Google Doc font to Arial, size 15, it looks like you can paste directly to Squarespace without stripping your links, italics, and bold-faced type.

In sum, here's what I recommend:

  1. If you've already created your post and you realize the font size is incorrect because you pasted from a Google Doc, go back to your Google Doc and change the font to Arial, size 15. Remove the content in your post and replace it with the new, larger-sized text from your Google Doc.

  2. If you're creating a new post, I recommend using the plain text paste options and re-formatting on the site to be certain everything is in order.

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