General Feedback: Pre-Class Responses

All in all, things are looking pretty good on the pre-class responses! I've added specific and hopefully useful feedback to each of your responses.

I also thought it might be helpful to provide a summary of the most common feedback I gave. 

See full post for suggestions on content, how to read the sources, and structuring your post.

Useful Videos for The Epic of Gilgamesh

Sometimes summaries are just plain useful. So. Here are two summaries/commentaries on Epic of Gilgamesh - and one (fun?) video with the epic sung in Sumerian.

Please note that both of the videos give you more of the story than the assigned readings for class. Ideally this gives you a sense of how our excerpts fit into the whole story.

And, as usual, if anything from these videos or other web resources makes its way into your Pre-Class Response - remember to cite it. :)

If you have other resources you found useful, feel free to share in the comments or post on your blogs!

For the Instagram Posts

For the Instagram Posts

Squarespace and Instagram do not play well together on this sort of collaborative blog. Here's what I recommend doing so your feed is front and center on the HWC posts: Lead with an image. Create a bordered box for your title (hyperlinked). Add neat and tidy references at the end of the post.